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15 June 2016

Suit Status Update 06-15-16

Today the U.S. Department of Justice requested an extension until July 25th to the complaint and I have agreed to the extension.

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  1. Randy Chamberlain

    Please get petitions for all fifty states and get lists of nonviolent felons five million plus signatures would wake up a whole movement to abolish this reciduous law! Would take work but would absolutely work I have waited for someone like u for 18 yrs let’s get going I will help any way I can from Harrison mich know people in Flint mich Houghton lake mich who would help circulate petitions based on what happens in lawsuit! If they won’t pay attention let’s get it! If a mich like black lives matters can get people like they have millions we nonviolent felons can get lawmakers to take us seriously with millions of voters signatures!

  2. chris


    I was wondering if you have any updates on your progress? Do you think we have a chance to make a change with new president?

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